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Summer Saturday Hangout with Joan

Working a regular 9-5, I try my hardest to make time to just hang out and catch up with friends weekend. Some days it's easier said than done! As much as I love photography, it can sometimes take me away or alienate me. I mentioned in my last post, I spent a lot of time shooting the bar, which meant I missed out on some conversations with the girls. And while I was taking pictures of the food, I also missed out on most the group selfies (although they were sweet and made sure to get one with me as well!)

That's why I really appreciate solo one-on-one hangouts. Especially when the friend is also down to be bossed around for some fun casual shoots hehe. I find it's easy to keep a dialogue going and the photos I snap up actually add to the conversation, rather than take me away!

Which brings us to today's post, photos from my casual shoot on Saturday with Joan. We spent the afternoon at 613flea hunting for vintage treasures, followed by some girl talk (clothing, jewelry, and prosecco, duh? :P), then a cup of tea and sunset at the beach. That's what I call a great Saturday!

Fun fact: the lovely blouse, vintage bracelet and Dior earrings from this outfit were all fantastic finds from the flea market! Successful shopping day: check :)

sunset glow <3

that runway walk 

love the translucent sleeves on this top!

"spread my wings"

gorgeous smile! 
Hangout aside, I really enjoyed shooting with Joan! It's always a little daunting when it's the first time, trying to work out the model/photographer dynamic, but we just clicked and chatted the whole time, it was a great experience all around. Plus, she has a super fun personality, if you couldn't tell from the photos! If you ask me, a friendship built on mutual love of vintage fashion is one that lasts ;)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for reading :)