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Tall boots with Lily

Happy Fashion Friday! Trying something a little different with this month's fashion post :)

Working with models again, I found that it's easy to fall into the mindset that if we don't have a good location to shoot, then what's the point?  And while yes, a beautiful backdrop can definitely help a photo, it's not a necessity for fashion photography. Think about commercial fashion photography (for advertisements or magazines) that are done in the studio to showcase new arrivals -- nothing but an white backdrop to put the spotlight on the items and the model (my favourite example is

And so I remind myself not to let bad weather or lack of scouting out a location prevent me from having a shoot happen.  Especially since my models all have lives outside of modeling for me, it's crucial not to call off a shoot since who knows when we'll find another time when we're both available!

FYI: both sets of photos in this post were taken outside of Simons inside the Rideau Centre :P

Leather Jacket from Forever 21
Earrings from Nordstrom

Dress from American Apparel
Choker from Aldo Accessories

Q: What are some staples pieces in your wardrobe? 
A: Leggings. High-waisted jeans. Leather jacket. Leather leggings. Black booties. White Keds. Black and white Nike runners. Black flowy cardigan that I can throw over anything. Denim cut-off shorts and a basic white tank top in the summer. And a cute shift dress for the warmer weather. A LBD and a LWD for a night out.

Boots from Browns
Watch from Daniel Wellington

Q: How do you incorporate new trends into your existing style? 
A: I have a pretty minimalist style, so I don’t like making big changes to it. I’ll usually find a way to incorporate new trends in a subtle way - such as recently adding a choker to my existing outfits - this results in not changing my look completely but also staying on trend.

Dress from Aritzia
Hat from Nordstrom

Q: What can “make” or “break” an outfit? 
A: I think the right colours and patterns can really bring an outfit together. I can usually be found wearing all black or neutral colors, but when I really want to make an outfit special, I add touches of colour such as pastel pinks or a deep red. However, if these colours clash, it can make even the nicest pieces appear out of place. All in all, I think colours and patterns are fun to add to an outfit, especially with the warm weather coming up, but they should be used in a way that compliment each other!

Q: Are there any “fashion faux-pas” that you’d like to share? 
A: There are a lot of obvious fashion faux-pas out there that pretty much go without saying: too much animal print, socks with sandals, and the like. What really bothers me the most that I think many people don’t pay as much attention to as they should is choosing the right undergarments for your outfit. This applies more to women than men. For example, if you’re wearing leggings you should be wearing a thong so that your underwear lines are not exposed. Or if you’re wearing an off the shoulder top or top with a wide neckline, opt for the strapless bra instead of having your bra straps hanging out. This impacts the overall cleanliness of your look, and makes you look like your outfit is well thought-out and planned. You might have a great outfit, but if the undergarments you choose are sticking out in the wrong places, it ends up making the whole thing look sloppy.

Thanks Lily for sharing your fashion advice and your stylings of two very on-trend pieces (OTK boots and chokers)!
Hope you enjoyed these photos, thanks for reading :)