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Montreal Biodome

As promised in the last post, more animals! Photos are from my first visit to the Montreal Biodome over the Easter weekend. It was a rainy day out so made perfect sense to be indoors and enjoying the company of some furry friends :)

peekaboo! black monkeys

orange monkeys

blue macaws


I love how almost all the animals were in pairs! It was so sweet and adorable to see them cuddling together or sharing food. I'm sure there are practical reasons to have a buddy but I can't help but be like, "aww! they're together because they love each other!! <3"

The monkeys, macaws, and lynx were all really far away so these photos have been significantly cropped. My dad has a zoom lens back in Toronto but I never found a need for it -- until now! Making a note to pick up the zoom lens to at least have on hand if I ever need to shoot animals again.

Lucky for me, the otters were much closer! Look at his adorable little face:

I actually have so many photos of the otters (there were two!) swimming around and playing but they were so speedy it was even more difficult than trying to take a picture of Myles! It was my first time seeing otters in person and I could instantly see why they're a favourite attraction. They love the attention from people and the bigger the audience, the more excited they got, and the faster they swam back and forth, almost as if to say, "look at me, look at me!" We stayed for so long, it was eventually feeding time and we got to see those little jaws completely demolish the fish within seconds!




crabby crab
Funny story about this crab, I was actually trying to take a picture of the anemone behind it when it walked right into my frame. I thought, okay, I'll pick a different anemone, but it followed my camera wherever I pointed! Eventually I gave up trying and just shot him instead. Are ya happy now, little crabby crab?

puffin preening

emperor penguin

We saved the penguins for last and we stayed for the longest time watching the birds swim and jump back and forth. Like the otters, they were incredibly speedy and very hard to capture on camera! So in addition to picking up a zoom lens for far away animals, my last two experiences attempting to shoot speedy subjects (animals and little three year olds) have made me seriously consider bringing along a flash. I don't usually shoot with flashes so will be sharing my learning experience in future posts!

Hope you enjoyed these photos and thanks for reading :)