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Myles at the Museum

I've been pretty good about bringing my camera along with me to places but it's resulted in batches and batches of photos that I haven't gotten around to editing! Not sure how I used to crank out posts when I first started this blog (almost 3 whole years ago!) like a schoolgirl who rushes home to write in her journal about the day's events. But an unexpected benefit to waiting instead of posting right away is that I'm able to notice themes or patterns between my shoots and come up with some slightly more meaningful content aside from the typical, "And this is what I did last weekend and here are some pictures to prove I'm not making it up lol."

So without further ado, here's what I did a couple weekends ago, and also some pictures to prove I'm not making it up :)

staring in awe at the giant jellyfish

My buddy Adam invited me to go to the Nature Museum with him and his son, Myles. I've been to the Nature Museum a couple times already but they had a new reptile exhibit and I enjoy museums enough to go again.

bent neck turtle

tortoises hugging

green snake

tiny snake

angry snake


blue tongued skink

Additionally, anyone who's held a conversation with me exceeding 2 minutes will have most likely heard me mention the adorable little three-year-old named Myles. Prior to Adam telling me stories about Myles, I've always kind of zoned out a bit when the conversation topic turns to little children. Not that I dislike children or anything but I also don't like all children as a default. I kind of have to get to know them as individuals before I decide if I like them or not. Having heard the many hilarious and heartwarming stories about Myles, I was actually somewhat nervous to meet him! What if he didn't like me back? How could I possibly recover from that rejection?? Honestly, it must feel pretty awful to be rejected by a little kid (link is Canada's Prime Minister being denied a high five by Prince George - ouch.)

Luckily for me, Myles deemed me a worthy human and we had a great time together :)

all smiles :)

staring at bugs


riding a giant beetle

father-son bird watching

Myles is so cute and such a sharp dresser too! My camera loved him but the lighting the museum is quite poor. I suppose it's so the displays themselves are brightly lit that the rest of the museum is dimmer. Plus, Myles is super speedy so there was considerable difficulty in getting non-blurry photos of the lil munchkin.

In fact, it was actually pretty hard to get decent shots of some of the animals too (the live ones, the dead or lazy ones were okay). You won't believe how long I spent trying to get a picture of the blue-tongued skink with its tongue out! Luckily, it was totally enamoured with Myles (but really, who isn't??) and I just needed to be patient while it followed Myles around. Fun fact, those are Myles' fingers in the corner of that photo, the skink was all like, "onomnom I want those fingers!"

Next batch of photos have a couple more animals too, but more of the furry kind than the scaly ones here. I'll save more of my complaining --er, explaining, for that post, because I actually do have a theme I want to talk about (really, I promise!)

Hope you enjoyed these photos and thanks for reading! :)