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Photoshoot: Red Dress & Snow White

I didn't realize it until I was trying to come up with a title but it's actually been a while since I've had a pure photoshoot post.  Since starting the 2017 Fashion Photography project, I've gotten a fair bit of positive feedback, so huge thank you for the support!  It really means so much to see that people enjoy my photos.

Part of that feedback was being able to work with the lovely Serena, who is featured in this post :)
This shoot was a fantastic learning experience for me in that not only was it the first time shooting with Serena (since shooting with someone new is always a learning experience in itself), but it was the first time for me shooting with someone that has considerable modeling experience.

first warm weekend! no need for parkas :)

heart shaped earrings

In the past, my focus was more on casual photos taken during outings with friends, and so my subjects were my involuntary volunteers, hehe.  It was quite the change to shoot with someone who can crank out a different pose, one after the other, as quickly as I could click the shutter!

Since she clearly knew what she was doing, I sometimes felt a little shy bringing up my own ideas, but Serena was very enthusiastic and happy to take any direction I (semi-reluctantly) gave.  Maybe hold out your skirt for the next one?...

wind actually helped in this shot
It was windier than we expected and we had to be strategic in positioning so we weren't always against the wind (fighting back hair-in-face moments!)

Maybe it was just the February air, or maybe it was the red dress, but I loved the romantic vibes from this shoot!  I also get a feeling of Snow White just from looking at Serena, with her pale skin and dark hair and red lips, and so the title is a play on her look as well as the snow still visible in the background.

Thanks for reading!