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Hints of Spring with Perrin

Happy Vernal Equinox! aka First official day of Spring :)
This month's post features the rockin' Perrin, sharing a 9-5 look as well as a weekend outfit.

Skirt - Express
Cage heels - Saks Fifth Ave
Wrap bracelet - H&M

Fuzzy sweater - Winners
Necklace - Forever21

Q: Tell me a little bit about your style.
A: I have a few style personalities. I work in an office and strongly prefer a classic look, but I do like to add edgy or modern touches. I like to experiment with ethnic and boho trends a bit, as well. Outside the office, I prefer an edgier look to my casual wear. I would almost kill for a pair of Valentino moto booties I saw at Nordstrom!!! 

quittin' time :) heading home in styyyyle

Q: How do you show off your personal style in a professional/corporate environment? 
A: Oooh, I think it’s really important to bring your sense of self to your office wear, otherwise it can get pretty boring. There’s a lot of solid skirt and pant suits that all seem to look the same after a while. I think the smart use of accessories is essential. You’ve also got to mix things up with interesting textures and prints. Little details in the tailoring can help office wear be less boring too. And shoes!! You can totally transform all basic black pieces with a calf hair animal print heel!

Coat - Windsmoor
Purse - Coach
Booties - Jessica Simpson

Sunglasses - Banana Republic

Q: March in Ottawa has seen some of the most dramatic weather changes! How is that reflected in your outfits? 
A: Ottawa requires that you dress with versatility all year round!! I try to prepare for dramatic weather shifts by having a lot of layering pieces in my wardrobe. You need to be prepared with tops, dresses, and topper (blazers, jackets, sweaters, etc.) in several weights, lengths, and sleeve lengths. It’s a great excuse to shop a lot :)

Leather jacket - Trouve
Moto sweats - Forever21
Faux leather tote - Forever21

Double-sided scarf - Calvin Klein
Grey t-shirt - Calvin Klein
Rings - Forever21

Q: To the rest of the world, March is considered the beginning of Spring, but in Ottawa, we've gotten good deal of snow! How you you incorporate Spring vibes into your more winter-y pieces? 
A: Adding bright colours is the easiest ways, I think. You can do that pretty easily through the use of accessories - bright shoes, scarves, bags, jewelry - or makeup, like bright nail polish or lip colour. I also like to start wearing summery pieces, like shorter skirts and short sleeve dresses - with tights and ankle boots.

Sneakers - Aldo

So glad that it was nice and sunny (not to mention somewhat warmer!) when Perrin and I shot these photos!  You just never know when it's Ottawa... every year I've been in here has seen a major snowstorm in March! Brrr! Still occasionally have flashbacks to my struggle last year...

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for reading :)