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Winterlude 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Sharing some photos from the recent winter festival that just concluded in Ottawa.  Although this wasn't my first winter in Canada's capital, it was my first Winterlude!
Previous years were deemed too cold to venture out and attempt to take photos, but I'm really glad I got to go this year.  I actually managed to go to more than one location (yay!) so pat myself on the back for that :P

Jacques Cartier park in Gatineau

Got there a little later in the afternoon/early evening so there wasn't much natural light, but a lot of the activity areas had stadium lights so I still managed to snap up a few photos.

happy family coming down from snow slide

little bear ears!

snow maze

Rideau Canal in Ottawa

I'm really glad that I work in the core of downtown and am within walking distance of the canal!  Went during my lunch break with some work buddies on two separate occasions and got a decent number of shots of people happily skating (and one very brave jogger!)

"She was a skater girl//she said see ya later girl~"


This little dude in lime green kept skating past me, I think he wanted me to take his photo but he was too shy to ask!  I love how bright and fluorescent he looks against the red sleighs :)

"that'll be 3 dollars-- er. smiles please :)"

On the other hand, these lovely young ladies were not shy at all!  They immediately asked for a photo when I walked by, and of course, I was more than happy to oblige.  Although I did giggle a little when they asked "wait, does this cost money?"

brave jogger!

learning to skate at such a young age :3

I also got an adorable photo of another cute young family and their baby.  They asked me to take their photo with their phone and I offered to take one on my camera as well.  They were super photogenic, including the little baby strapped in to the dad's chest.  However, when I sent them the photos afterwards, they indicated that as much as they liked the photos, they would prefer if I didn't share them on my blog or social media.  It's a shame but out of respect for their wishes, I won't be posting the photos.  But! if you know how to get a hold of me, I'd be more than happy to pull it up on my phone to show you in person ;)

I've been trying to get more practice shooting more candid, "street" photography in addition to fashion photography.  It's different in that it feels very luck dependent, but also super rewarding when I get a shot I really like!  Hope to have more to share in the future!

Thanks for reading! :)