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Pinup Pt. 3 - Coca-Cola Cooldown

Oh my god, it's finally summer.
And holy jeez, it's so summer.  Already got some pretty high temperatures in June, although you won't ever find me complaining.  I know a lot of people can't stand the heat but I've been waiting all winter/spring to be able to wear shorts and sandals instead of pants and parkas.

But it doesn't mean I don't like to enjoy a cold beverage during those 30+ degrees days.
And honestly, while it isn't my first choice of drinks (I prefer lemonade or iced tea), I've always admired Coca-Cola's iconic brand and style.  Their advertisements, especially the vintage ones, have such strong brand recognition that I really wanted to try my hand at emulating the same feel.  For some of the photos, I tried to caption it with an appropriate slogan from Coke's long history of advertising.

"The cold, crisp taste of Coke" - 1958
And with Canada Day around the corner, it felt kind of patriotic shooting the white and red :)
So cheers to Coke and their impressive 130 years of history (1886-2016!) and happy Canada Day weekend to my fellow Canadians!

"Coca-Cola goes along" - 1939

Anchor earrings from H&M
Pearl studs from Forever21
Sunglasses from LOFT

Crop top from H&M
Denim shorts from Guess
Sandals from Massimo Dutti
A bit of background on my outfit: I originally wanted this nautical look to be shot with boats and boardwalks, but upon visiting the marina, I just wasn't feeling it.  After some careful consideration, I realized I wanted more red in the images I had in mind.  And so I made an impromptu decision to combine the nautical theme and Coca-Cola shoot into one.  Which kind of leaves me without an concept for July's shoot, but that's next month's problem, right? :P

"How about a Coke?" - 1944

"What you want is a Coke" - 1952

"Open happiness" - 2009-2015

Bringing in a little more nautical-ness with my shark bottle opener :)
Sharky says "rawr~ I'mma eat this bottle cap! omnomnom"

"The Coke Side of Life" - 2006

"Always Coca-Cola" - 1993

"Good til the last drop" - 1908
June's post means I'm halfway through my 2016 Vintage album!  I'm pretty happy I've been able to stick to this, although I'll admit to having some rough moments, it's been a great experience so far, and I'm pretty happy with what I've got.  Am looking forward to second half!  I also have some other shoots that I'm currently editing so am excited to share those soon as well!

Hope you liked these photos! Thanks for reading :)