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Guildwood Park

It can't already be October because I still have so many summer photos to do! [despair emoji here]
Looking through my photos, I think these may be the last set I took in the final days of summer 2015, when my parents took me to Guildwood Park.

They had gone once before without me but mom knowing my love for parks (especially beautiful ones) said we could go again. And so I told her to get dressed up, we'll bring the tripod, and I'll make a photoshoot day out of it.

into the park we go
matching shades of blue

The park is pretty big with different sections of flowers, sculptures, and decorations, but not everything photographed well in the harsh midday sun.
But what did turn out great were these ornate archways. They provided some shade and gave everything a more elegant feel.

attempt #??
Embarrassingly enough, I had to walk through this archway countless times with the camera on timer until I got the shot I wanted.  Who knew walking was so hard?
As mentioned on Instagram, this is my very first maxi dress (whoohoo!) and I definitely feel like I made the right decision wearing it to a place with such gorgeous backdrops.

My favourite part of the park has to be the main stage.  Apparently in the summer evenings, it's the stage for Shakespearean plays. Found out too late this year to watch any, but it's going on my To-Do list for summer 2016!

model mama :)
look at dad being all reluctantly cooperative :)

The park is not far from Toronto, about a 20 min drive.  I would definitely recommend this location for wedding photos, although you would have to call ahead and make reservations (and I imagine there would be some cost associated).  Amateur photography hobbyists like me can shoot for free!

Thanks for reading!