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Flower Power

I've been practicing more fashion photography and creating collages lately and so this post will be composed of three outfits, each highlighting a different floral pattern.

Using my best fashion blogger descriptors, this is what I have in store for y'all:
1) a bold, vibrant statement dress
2) a professional look in a pastel palette with a porcelain vase bottom (lots of p's)
3) a darker transitioning-to-autumn outfit with a flirty top

To start the countdown, here's number three:

sitting around, waiting to put my shoes on

pretending to be all dramatic

how I actually feel: derpy and smiley :)

This is the most recent outfit and I was waiting for this batch to complete my flower power trinity.

I love how the sunflowers and the cropped length of this top make it fun and flirty, but the black backdrop + a high waisted maxi skirt make for a good transition into early autumn styles, and also keep the outfit from getting too scandalous. It's a simple outfit with basic pieces but not to be underestimated! Being someone who only recently started to wear more prints, I found small tops to be a good way to introduce prints to a closet and get more comfortable. Also, this top was an amazing deal at less than $3! I only bought one at the time to try it out but now I wish I bought more... I might check Garage again to see if they have any left.

On to outfit Numero Dos! What I call my "fashion editor-in-chief" look.

grabbing my wallet to run to a lunch meeting...but still on my phone because work never ends
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Ruffle top: ONLY
Floral jeggings: H&M
Sandals: Massimo Dutti
I had these jeggings for over two years now and this is only the second time I've worn them! Although the print isn't super bold, it covers a good percentage of my body and I always lacked sufficient confidence to wear them.  Until one day I put together this outfit, and I was Bruce Wayne wearing the Batsuit for the first time; it was such a transformative feeling. And so my imagination spun this backstory for a fashion editor-in-chief that rocks as much print as she wants and has all the confidence in the world.  But I didn't think about shooting this until a certain little red number came along...

Last but not least, the dress that started everything:

Dress: Zara
Slides: Town Shoes
When I first saw this dress on sale for a steal at Zara, I didn't realize what an impact it would have on me style-wise.  The bold floral print isn't normally something I would go for but something made me really like it.  It looked fun and wild and conjured up the words "electric daisy", because the daisies on the dress looks like they've been shocked with electricity. And although I wore them home from the store that day, I struggled to find the right shoes to pair them with. And then John bought me these super comfy bright white slides and BOOM a perfect match.  Comments on the dress: from the middle picture you can see it has pockets! which is awesome, and despite the back design, it actually conceals all undergarments nicely.  It's a thicker material which is a little strange for summer but the dress is also a bit on the shorter side, which for me means sticking with flat shoes as opposed to heels.

I got so excited for this outfit that I shot it on my balcony [insert embarrassed emoji here] I didn't have my tripod either so I stacked a bunch of Kleenex boxes on a small end table -- very DIY and kind of scary for my camera but also gave me more practice shooting self-timer shots!

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post and thanks for reading!