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Samulnori at Parliament

This might very well be my laziest blog post ever.

While I've been pretty active lately in taking photos, they've sort of just been accumulating in folders on my hard drive. And even when I manage to go through and edit all of them, I somehow run out of energy to do the write up.

Good news: I'm hoping that this photo-heavy post will get the ball rolling in terms of me firing off more blog posts.  The weather is cooling down so I'm thinking I'll have more time spent all cozied up in bed with my laptop + Rocky and focus on photo editing & blog posting.

Hope you enjoy the photos from this event shoot I did with John! (been a long time coming but we are both pretty lazy people)  Don't forget you can always click to enlarge the photos :)

Took this while I was waiting for John to get ready.

pretty hairpin
And then I got impatient so I took photos of the getting ready process.

just tied the ribbons

I did try for a more dramatic look and feel with the editing of this batch.  Hope the effects aren't too jarring and still look good?

Thanks for reading!