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Weekend Workout with Haikang

It seems that lately more and more people are becoming more health-conscious, and it's totally reflected in fashion as well with the pretty much established trend of "athleisure" (portmanteau of athletic and leisure). Basically, people want to be able to work out and still stay stylish. Who knew!

So very excited to have had this opportunity to try an athletic themed shoot with Haikang and his beautiful golden, Maycee!

Q: How do you put together workout or athletic outfits?
A: Although I like to keep my workout shorts black (more resistant to dirt), I usually pick out brighter/louder shirts to go along with it. Most of my gym shoes are also bright orange because that is usually what others will notice first and it also makes me feel faster :)

Lacing up for an afternoon run

Stretching is important!
Tee from Jack & Jones
Athletic shorts from Nike

Q: What do you look for when choosing athletic pieces?
A: I am a big fan of vivid colours. As mentioned, although I like to keep my shorts in a plain darker colour, I tend to keep my tops bright and colourful. In terms of design, I like to keep my workout gear simple with no zippers or buttons that might get in the way of certain exercises. And finally, I love Bluetooth earphones (AirPods) which eliminates the headache of tangled cords and dropping your phone.

Running shoes from Merrell

Q: How do you transition from gym to street?
A: The easiest way to transition from gym to street is to change shoes and put on a nice bomber jacket (Zara and Jack & Jones should have you covered). Also, if I know that I'll be going out after a light workout session, I will put on a plain white or black cotton T (Club Monaco black tees are my favourite at the moment).

Saturday post-workout

Hoodie from Nike
Tank (inside) from Jack & Jones

Q: What are some of your go-to brands for athletic clothing and accessories?
A: Some of my favourite go-to brands at the moment are Nike, Adidas, Jack&Jones and 2XU. Personally, I am not a big fan of dri-fit clothing but most people seem to be happy with their Under Armour workout shirts.

Chilling with Maycee

Sweats from Jack & Jones
Sneakers from Adidas

Headphones from Sennheiser

Thanks Haikang for the fun workout shoot! It was very interesting getting to try a different style, and I drew a lot of my inspirations from sports brands advertisements, but tried to not look like I was selling any particular item (except maybe the Merrells haha).

Hope you enjoyed these photos! Thanks for reading :)