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All Aboard! (Another Adventure Awaits)

End of April always feels like an obligatory time to travel.
The warming of the weather, the changing of the winds.
Exams are done, and all the students head off -- some, for home; while others, anywhere but.

I don't know where I was planning on going, but it doesn't seem to matter anymore.
I've missed my train.  And now I'm stuck wherever I am.

I think of my destination, all that I had planned to do, to see, to experience.

A sigh of resignation.  What can I do now?

I turn my head to the east -- there's nobody by my side.

Oh wait!  I still have my four-stringed little buddy.

Suddenly, the world's a little bit brighter.

Reminding myself to try to find a reason to sm:)e

For one day, my train will come.

And these shoes will take me where I wanna go.

Until then, mahalo to the music that keeps me company.

Hope you enjoyed this photo story!  Thanks for reading :)