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Pinup Pt.1 - Sunbathing

It's apparently the hottest week in Toronto, and I have around 1,000+ photos to edit...
Sounds like a good time to do another photoshoot, no?

The pinup inspired style is one I've kept on my "To-Shoot" list for a long while now.  It had become one of those things where the longer I put it off, the higher the expectations I have, which of course, makes me more afraid of not meeting those rising expectations, and then putting it off even longer.  So here goes my attempt to to break the vicious cycle.

Nothing says "pinup" to me more than red lips, classic polka dots, and Americana colours: red, white, and blue.

I shot these on self-timer which marks the 3rd (I think?) time I've tried self-portraits.  The same struggles remained, specifically, not knowing what I look until until I review the photo.  I did feel more comfortable this time around, but that may be because I shot these from the comfort and privacy of my own backyard, although I think I do have a better understanding of how to make the minor tweaks from running back and forth to review the shot.  The strategy I tried to use was to spend more time focusing on memorizing what the framing looks like through the lens, and then re-positioning myself relative to that memory.

As you might be able to guess from the title, I have a few more pinup inspired ideas in mind.  Stayed tuned for more!  Thanks for reading!