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TBT: Roots

Warning: lots of lame plant-related puns below 

Even before Anita and I decided to play dress up, I had a budding interest in photography.  One of the two things I mainly took photos of were the flowers in and around the house.  My mom's pretty into gardening, so along with all her roses and tulips, she planted the idea of photography in my brain.  

My earliest ones are what I like to call the "Windows Desktop Background" Series:

And then moved on to some portrait-style shots:

Beauty and the Beast

After a short rainfall

Eventually, as my mild interest blossomed into real interest, I started to branch out to photograph other subjects, but continued to find appreciation for nice looking plant-life in less conventional places.

Family friend's living room

Side of the road

Behind a bus shelter

The trick to flowers that I've found is that because they're 1) stationary, and 2) intricately detailed, there's so many choices when it comes to choosing a focal point, so it's good to take the time to grab as many slightly varying shots while you've got the chance, and then poring over minuscule differences at home; hence, the lengthy editing process.  When it comes to plant life, I always think it's better to have more than less, because even now I regret not taking more shots of some of the flowers.  Maybe it's the perfectionist in me speaking, but I sometimes think, "oh, if I had only angled more to the left..." or "if I focused higher up...", and it's pretty damn hard to go back and try to recreate what I saw the first time.

I'm hoping that by looking back on the past photos, I can learn my lesson for next time, just like sowing the seeds of today to reap the rewards of tomorrow (okay I'll stop).

P.S. These photos will be added to the Flora and Fauna gallery, if you haven't checked it out already, click on the tab in the top navigation bar :) Thanks for reading!