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Juin à Montréal

I've heard too many times now the age-old crack about Ottawa and how the only good thing about it is its proximity to Montreal. Now that Ottawa has earned a special appreciation in my heart, I'm a bit tired of the joke. Still, I am thankful at the convenience to Montreal, which I've visited and revisited time and time again.

Earlier this month, I got to go again on two separate occasions and was pleasantly surprised once more. It seems like there's never a shortage of something to see, and even places I've been to before will take on new meaning, show an alternate perspective.

revisited this spot and got my shot this time! 

this ceiling! 

walkway under Square Victoria

Being in Montreal always makes me feel extra in tune with my creative side. The city's culture is like a giant incubator for creative energies and artistic types. Everywhere I turn, I'm blown away by the talents of fellow creatives.

street market vendor

street performers

I know it's super touristy but Old Port is still one of my favourite places to walk around in Montreal and to explore. There are many little alleys or small streets tucked away that have hidden gems. Something that looks one way from the outside can have a totally unexpected interior.

And then at night when all the lights are lit, it's a completely different sight to behold.

market hall

Once I'm tuckered out from all the walking and exploring, I like to pop into any of the numerous cute cafes to re-energize and relax.

Cafe St Henri by Jean Talon Market

And of course, contemplate the real question: where should I eat next?

said to be the best poutine in Montreal

"bowl" resto (choice between stir-fry and poke)

Cuban Cafe near my hotel

It's always hard to not go back to known favourites but I try to push myself to try somewhere new, and nothing has disappointed me yet!

Special thanks to Amanda for taking me around <3

Hope you enjoyed these photos!
Happy Canada Day long weekend and thanks for reading :)