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Preloved Luxuries & Millennial Pink

It's been three weeks since I've returned from my China trip and I was out of commission the first two of those three. I don't know what it was (although at one point it was definitely bronchitis – oof) but it sure knocked me on my butt! It was pretty awful and I’m finding myself scrambling to try to catch up for all the lost time. With this post, I can cross April off my to-do list and get a move on the *hundreds* of China photos I’ve been neglecting.

I've been wanting to shoot accessories for a while, and after the few when shooting outfits with Haikang, I realized the main struggle was finding the right surfaces to shoot on. Luckily, while shopping for housewares in Simon's, I found a bunch of neat place mats (for like $4!) and thought they'd be a great hack for those blogger flat lays on gorgeous marble or wood counter tops. Here goes my first try shooting with the marble one (with $1 fake flowers to complete the blogger aesthetic :P)

As mentioned in a past post, I don't own too many designer items and have a hard time justifying the purchase. Buying preloved softens the blow considerably! These are some of my favourite preloved luxury items and I wanted to show my appreciation for how well they've held up through the ownership changes -- the quality is really admirable! All in all, I think the shoot went pretty well -- the only issue was the limited space meant I had to be very strategic in my angles as not to expose any corners of my actual unattractive dining table underneath :P

Keeping in line with the feminine theme, I picked two newer pieces in a rare colour in my wardrobe.

Outfit 1 (left): Pink bomber from Club Monaco, (inner) baseball long sleeve crop top from Express, Club Monaco Sonica in grey denim, Reebok running shoes
Outfit 2 (right): Vintage ribbed button down maxi dress, Nordstrom denim jacket, Garage denim shorts, Guess crochet lace sneakers

Outfit 1: The Pink Bomber 

I spotted this bomber last weekend in Toronto and I instantly fell in love. Nick has complained that I'm always wearing my black wool & leather bomber to the point where his photos of me look like I don't have any other clothes! I don't own too much pink (residual effects from my tomboy days) but I think this bomber is the perfect mix of boy-meets-girl vibes. Funnily enough, I found out when reviewing my receipt that this bomber is actually called the Lindawanna jacket -- guess it was meant to be! :P

I believe this shade falls under what’s considered "millennial pink" -- so bonus points to accidentally being on trend! The seemingly conflicting puffy body & cropped length actually provides sufficient warmth for spring days without adding too much bulk to the overall shape. The gold hardware elevates what otherwise would be a very casual piece to a more polished and ladylike status. Following the pastel palette, I paired light grey jeans also from Club Monaco and added a cropped baseball long-sleeve top underneath, finishing off with sneakers to solidify the sporty look.

Outfit 2: The Pink Striped Maxi 

I picked up this maxi dress during a personal shopping session with a local vintage boutique. It was my first time trying this kind of service and it was actually really fun! The ladies were very knowledgeable of vintage items and pulled lots of great pieces for me to browse and made thoughtful yet subtle recommendations for ones I initially overlooked, this dress included!

The dress is a bit sheer but the button-down front allowed me to style it like a duster with light denim shorts underneath and the skirt unbuttoned. I’ve seen other bloggers do this but I never had the right dress to try it myself! I really like how different washes of denim all work with this shade of pink, which is more bubble gum than millennial pink. I added my trusty denim jacket for when the sun ducks behind the clouds and I button up the skirt for a conventional maxi dress look. I finished off the outfit with my white crochet lace sneakers from Guess which replaced my worn-out Converse All Stars but acts as my version of the Adidas Stan Smiths everyone else seems to own! Similar to the boy-meets-girl elements in the bomber jacket, I really appreciate how the crochet lace adds a feminine flair to my traditionally tomboy shoes. Personally, I actually prefer this sneaker over the Stan Smiths, which, while I like on others, always seemed a little too chunky to match my outfits.

From the last couple posts now, you can see I've featured more and more second-hand items (from thrift shops or private resellers or consignment stores). One reason is I've accepted that vintage is an undeniable facet to my style, but also, I found that shopping second-hand items is actually an effective way of dealing with my fashion problem ie. trying to establish a cohesive style. Instead of subscribing entirely to whatever is currently in stores, I'm able to more selectively pick and choose which pieces make it into my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I still go into stores and browse online all the time -- the retail therapy is real! Also, as a visually inclined individual, looking at storefronts or new designs helps to stimulate the creativity centers in my brain. And of course, I still buy things new, but including preloved options means I’m much more selective in the items that I purchase brand new.

In other news, I'll be moving to a bigger apartment in two weeks -- yay! However, my current apartment looks a bit like one of those storage lockers in storage wars! Boxes and extra furniture everywhere, I lost my regular fashion shoot wall, and also misplaced the tripod -- oops! These photos were taken in the last empty corner in the place, with my camera perched on top of the microwave :P but you wouldn't have known that unless I told you, right? :P

Hope you liked the photos! I felt like I cheated a little bit with the outfits this month as they’re centered on items I’ve purchased recently, but as mentioned in last month’s post, not only do I lack a proper spring wardrobe, but I never really wanted to build one due to my dislike of spring. However, that changed quite drastically thanks to the China trip – photos that explain my sudden change to come!

Thanks for reading :)