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Lights Lately

2018 has been off to a pretty busy start in terms of shooting! In addition to my monthly projects, I have a noticeable backlog in addition. But add regular work and the recent preparations for an upcoming trip (more on this later!) it's been a constant game of catch-up! One thing I did manage to get up on the website are photos for a Muay Thai event called Art of War at the Canadian War Museum. Was my first time seriously shooting this sort of content but I'm pretty happy with some of the shots I got! 

This post is another chip at my backlog, first up couple photos here from the Toronto Light Fest. Not to be confused with Lights Festival that I attended in Ottawa last September, with the lanterns. The Toronto Light Fest is an annual temporary art installation in the Distillery District.

these girls took turns posing for their Instagram-worthy photo! #photographysquad

adorable English bulldog!

love how they incorporated lights into an existing fixture


Another weekend was spent in Montreal, and by sheer luck, happened to be the last weekend of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE (Montreal High Lights Festival) and the same weekend of Nuit Blanche, which is a night-time arts festival. It was pretty cold and due to the lack of planning, we didn't want to run around looking for Nuit Blanche exhibits and instead focused on hitting up all the Lumiere ones since there was a lot more signage as it was a longer running event.

I wanted to go on this light-up slide soooo bad but the line was insanely long!!

little kids playing with a giant lite-brite

Interestingly enough, the night's activities were kind of foreshadowed during the day. We walked through Old Montreal and popped into an art gallery, Galerie LeRoyer, when we spotted Bugs and Daffy in the window:

Struck by pangs of nostalgia, we ventured inside. Unfortunately, camera photography wasn't allowed so please excuse the cellphone pics. More from the same artist:

Mean Mouse

Rude duck

one of the less abrasive ones -- super cute! 
I really liked how the artist layered vintage materials and and neon lights! I'll probably sound pretty uncultured by coming right out and saying this, but lots of ultra-modern art doesn't make sense to me (no offense to any artists) But I would actually like having this kind of stuff on my own walls (if it wasn't for the steep pricetag -- oof!)

Hope you enjoyed these photos! I'm very happy to still be able to go out and shoot since the monthly project is mostly indoors. Stayed tune for that to come out soon as well!

Thanks for reading :)