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Whimsical Summer with Perrin

Despite running around shooting my own fashion outfits and working [super duper hard] on other endeavours, I have not forgotten my commitment to my 2017 fashion project! What's I'm noticing with this latest shoot with Perrin is that my fashion shooting has gotten a lot faster and more efficient -- whoo-hoo! We cranked out these photos like *that*, at brunch and then another outfit en route to ice cream :) it's a fantastic combination of knowing what works (for both posing and photographing) and feeling the wonderfully sunny summer vibes!

Dress from H&M
Belt thrifted

Bracelets from Byward Market boutique
Necklace from Stella & Dot
Earrings from H&M

Q: What do you like best about summer fashion?
I like the casual nature of summer dressing. Dresses are easy to style, and you don’t have to worry about tights or pantyhose. Sandals and open toed shoes feel fun and relaxed. Flouncy skirts give a whimsical, feminine feeling.

Purse from Zara

Sandals from DSW

Q: What are some common elements across your summer outfits?
Bright colours are definitely a must for summer. My skin tone works well with bold colours like teal, magenta and bright orange. I also love wearing fun prints - stripes are a favorite, but I also like animal prints and florals. Comfort is essential for me, so I like stretch fabrics and forgiving silhouettes, like fit and flare. I also love metallics for footwear and purses - rose gold, gold, bronze and silver can function as neutrals and look great on sandals. I avoid too much black or grey in the summer… there’s plenty of time in Ottawa’s long winters for those staples.

Jean Jacket from LiquidDenim

Scarf from Vince Camuto
Striped tee from Express
Skirt from Winners
Purse from Zara

Q: We’ve seen more cool than hot days this summer! How is that reflected in your outfits?
Layering is best way to deal with temperature fluctuations. I adore three-quarter or half-sleeved jackets and cardigans in light knits. Wearing toppers in cropped length keeps that cool, summery feeling. Light scarves are so versatile - they can keep your neck warm, or you can wrap them around you in a breeze. I much prefer a large scarf as a wrap than putting on a sweater in the summertime. 

Thanks Perrin for sharing two summery outfits and your helpful and timely tips on layering! 
One of the cruelest jokes played on its citizens by Ottawa weather is the increasingly long winters (starts in November and lasts til...well, anywhere between March and May, depending on the year!) and then followed by the ridiculously short summers! Today's the last day of August and we're seeing a high of 16 degress Celsius... Darn you Ottawa weather! *shakes fist* Fingers crossed for a couple more warmer days in September but the pessimist in me is already starting to take my outerwear out of storage :(

Hope you enjoyed these photos & get a chance to go make the most of the last bit of summer!