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Montreal Weekend: Fashion, Friends, & Food

Happy Friday everyone! As with every trip I make to Montreal, here's the corresponding giant blog post filled with photos :P It was Amanda's birthday last weekend so myself and a couple of girlfriends from Toronto all met up at Amanda's to celebrate. Brace yourselves, if you aren't hungry now, I'm thinking that might change...

Cheers to the weekend! 

After some much needed rest and chill time at Amanda's place, we set off to a restaurant recommendation from Bonnie, Le Robin Square. Upon arriving, it turns out the previously tiny family-owned restaurant moved and renovated into a stunning space with huge windows and the cutest decor.

this bar <3 

nicest bartender!

I hung around here watching him work the whole time hehe

How cute are these drinks!
I finally made my way back to my seat when all the drinks were done and food started arriving at the table.

starting off with a platter to share

birthday girl's special birthday sangria

cornish hen

pork belly

Mac 'n' cheese & brisket

sharing portion of the hen with risotto inside
The portions were hearty and the flavours so decadent! We all shared our mains with each other but still ended up with doggy bags to take home.

Next morning on Sunday, we dragged our butts over to Old Montreal to Rosewood Pub & Restaurant for brunch. It's a really neat two-storey venue. We sat upstairs in the mezzanine which gave us a really cool view of the stage downstairs.

salmon avocado toast

brunch chicken sandwich and bottomless mimosas

crispy cod cake 
Food was also delicious but much more manageable portions phew. After brunch, Amanda and I said bye to the Toronto girls as they packed up for their 5 hour drive back to T.O. and the two of us headed off to the World Trade Centre Montreal for some photos. It was practically empty, and with the light streaming in through the glass ceilings, it gave the whole place an ethereal vibe.

section of the Berlin Wall on display -- amazing! 
The light however, worked slightly against our favour as it lit up the statue by this fountain where we originally wanted to shoot. Lucky for us, we quickly found another cool background.

potential backdrop spotted! 

"Looking for that summer heat"
I love the dark green leaves in this little glass shelter, made for a great contrast to Amanda's bright and floral outfit. The World Trade Centre is honestly such a cool place with multiple shoot backdrop possibilities! I can't wait to come back and explore it in more detail.

We headed back to her place for a quick outfit change and set off to wander downtown. Amanda showed me this super interesting park at the end of her street by the highway. It's across from the architecture museum and has these neat columns covered in vines. Perfect backdrop for her ethnic print maxi dress!

hello goddess :)
Hope you enjoyed these photos! It's always super fun to visit Montreal, even more so with friends, delicious food, and great weather. Thanks for reading :)