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Shopping Shenanigans at UO and f21

A few days after the game, I made plans to head downtown to hang out with a couple of friends and shop around a bit.  Heading out the door, I made sure to pack my fully charged camera, hoping to get some good shots to add to my collection.  Many of us haven't seen each other in a while due to finals and such, so it was difficult to remember to take photos when we were busy catching up.

Luckily for me, Patrick, our resident male model, tried on this smashing faux leather jacket at Forever21.

Blue steel
How could I not take a photo?  Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard and so it did blur a bit.  Will have to work on maintaining professional composure in the future.

The weather was deceptively sunny, with a chilly wind in the air.  I took the opportunity while waiting for the crosswalk light to change to snap these photos of Amanda and Alice, each showing off their personal style with their choice in outwear.

Amanda looking like a celeb in her Coach trench and shades

Alice rocking the menswear style so effortlessly

I'm always so impressed with how put together Amanda looks all the time.  Her chic and feminine style makes her an easy favourite for my camera.  Alice tends to be a bit more camera shy but that just makes me all the more proud to capture this shot of her laughing at something funny I said (fyi, I'm hilarious :P)

Next stop for us was Urban Outfitters.  They carry a lot of small trinkets and vintage-looking stuff along with clothing, so my camera was pretty excited to go check it out.  People and small (especially vintage!) objects are what I usually like to shoot.  I enjoy good scenery as well but tend to prefer having someone in the shot.

Lately, John has been influencing me with his watch hobby, so I was naturally drawn to UO's watch display.

I like the white one with the black strap
UO had an interesting lighting system set up which made pretty bokeh on the display case.

Oh, and there was this that also caught my eye:
But sh*t, it was 99 cents!
Actually it was 199 dollars...but it made for a good laugh.  Big round of applause to Kelvin for wearing that furry sauna of death and posing so cooperatively.  What fun is shopping if no one tries anything on, right?

Whether it's just a pair of sunglasses...

Alice feeling at peace with a cool new pair of shades
Oh you gorgeous hippie child

...or a $400 ballgown of cotton candy...

Pretty pink fairy princess Amanada becomes more than just the purchase of goods when you're with the right people.  It can be truly memorable and produce some fun photos to look back on.