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Haikang's Spring Lookbook

Even before the final post of the 2017 Fashion project, I knew I wouldn't actually be done with fashion photography. And while I'm enjoying the fashion challenge of my 2018 personal lookbook project, I do miss the fun dynamic of shooting with others. So I reached out to my fashionmister buddy to see if he'd be interested in more fashion shoots and building a lookbook. If you couldn't tell, he agreed! And with the perfect spring-like weather finally pulling through this past weekend -- I love it when everything comes together :)

I tried some more graphics-y styling on some of the photos, just playing around but I think I like the effect!

Camel Coat from Zara
Sunglasses from Gentle Monster
Shoes from Steve Madden

Watch from NY Incredibles

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for reading :)