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Sunflower fields

Happy Sunday! Super excited to share these photos today :)

I've always wanted to go visit the sunflowers fields.  I've never seen them in real life and missed it last year.  Luckily for me, this weekend was the perfect time -- and the weather was so cooperative! Sunny with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, could not have asked for anything better. <3

I've always enjoyed sunflowers and even bought some plastic ones to brighten up my apartment year round.  They're so warm and energizing, and never fail to make me smile :)

If you're wondering about my country milk-maid outfit, the dress is called a dirndl and I picked it up at one of Ottawa's vintage clothing shows.  It was made in Austria and I love the tiny print, full skirt, and whimsical vibe.  My belt is a staple in my rotation (also real vintage -- my mom's back when she was my age!) and the white top was a steal from Zara's current seasonal sale.

Hope you liked these photos! Thanks for reading :)