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There's no place (that tastes) like home

Warming: this post may make you hungry
After my last post on Ottawa, I realized that I never really did a post on Toronto.
Since moving here, I've gone back about once a month --  three times so far.  I noticed that aside from my friends and family (which I miss very much of course), the second most-missed thing is definitely the food.  Naturally, it annoys my parents I'm not home for meals but honestly, after 4 weeks of not eating Toronto food, my To-Eat list is pretty long considering I'm only back for 2 days each time.
First on the list is a pricier craving:

I'm drooling right now, all over my keyboard

This is the amaaaazing Golden Curry from Linda Modern Thai.  I first tried this during the Toronto Summerlicious event and literally went back the week after.  On top of the delicious golden curry sauce itself, the crispy beef is unbelievable - thin crispy outside and soft succulent inside.  Linda Modern Thai is a fancier restaurant so not so much an every-day thing, but makes a good place for a night out.

it looks like a birdie! 
I also tried their White Jasmine Dragon tea (which came in the cutest little tea steeper).  It smelled heavenly and was perfect for warming me right up.

Next on the list is an all-time favourite: Ramen
Specifically pictured here is Kinton Ramen's Kinton Ball, Tofu Furai, and Miso Ramen with Pork Shoulder.  The first Kinton location is pretty close to UofT so I went pretty frequently during my uni-years.  They have this great marketing strategy where they take a photo of you if you finish your bowl clean and post it on Facebook.  I swear, there was a good couple of months where all my pictures were just of me at Kinton, holding up my empty bowl.  I tried the Kinton Ball for the first time on Saturday, it was good but I'm not a big fan of boiled egg (which was the center of the ball).  But the tofu furai...oh man.  We ordered 2 because it's just too good.  The outside is crispy and I'm about 99.9% certain that the sauce is some sort of magical cocaine mixture,

After a filling ramen lunch, we were wandering around Eatons and I was really feeling the holiday spirit seeing all the lights and decorations.

Chandelier @ Club Monaco

duck with bowtie @ Ted Baker
Have you ever seen a duck wearing a bow tie?  Because this was my first.  I really liked the decorations inside Ted Baker which included this metallic fan and dessert display.

unfortunately inedible and for display purposes only :(
We saw the same kind of festive decor inside Elephant&Castle where we went for dinner and to watch the hockey game.

giant mirror
I always get the lettuce wraps from E&C but unfortunately don't have a photo as we gobbled it right up. I tried their fish tacos for the first time and enjoyed it, although it may be too sour for some.

After dinner, we went to check out a pop-up Christmas market just north of Yonge and Dundas.  It's in a big tent, sheltering us from the cold, and had lots of cool displays of handmade items.  Looking forward to the big one in the Distillery district later on in December.

It was a pretty jam-packed weekend but as always, I left with a belly full of delicious food and happiness.  Can't complain when I'm in the company of great friends who will get dressed up for your photos.

post-bubble tea posing
Thanks for reading!